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Welcome To Medisys Cares

Continuing to provide the communities we serve with quality healthcare is our goal at MediSys Health Network. Our hospitals which include Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and Flushing Hospital Medical Center are committed to improving the health of our patients and residents who live in our service area.

To better meet the needs of those we serve, we have identified several health conditions that greatly affect our population. Some of the conditions that have raised concern due to their high rate of occurrence are prostate cancer, hepatitis B and C, lung cancer, cervical cancer human papillomavirus (HPV), breast cancer, tobacco addiction and colorectal cancer.

Our educational initiatives and plans to address these conditions are comprised of two objectives:

  • To reduce the incidences of these diseases in our community by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To encourage people with these and other health conditions to manage their healthcare through routine follow ups and compliance

We thank you for the opportunity to be an active partner in your care and hope that you find MediSys Cares to be a helpful resource for managing your health.